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In real life, a fishing trip is a relaxing diversion. In an RPG, it's a treasured mini-game that allows characters to take a brief break from saving the world. This 2-page ruleset lets players enjoy casting out into cool waters to hook a trophy-worthy fish.

MOSAIC Strict is an RPG concept by Michael Prescott consisting of short, independent rules modules that would allow play groups to cherry pick mechanical bits to build their own game to fit their needs and preferences.

One great thing about MOSAIC Strict is that, even if you aren't interested in running a full game of MOSAIC Strict, all the individual systems are independent. You can grab a bit like this one and use it in any RPG system you're already using with no tweaking required.

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AuthorWasteland of Enchantment Games


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I bet you'd love Rod, Reel, and Fist, if you've never played it! It was in the Racial Justice charity bundle a while back.

Am I misunderstanding something, or is it not actually possible for the Minnow to be a fish on the hook? (You roll 2d6 on the Fish List, meaning a minimum of 2, and it's #1 on the list...) Is it just there as a bait item you might bring to a fishing trip?

Rod Rell and Fist was definitely a huge influence. In fact, this is basically an adaptation of RR&F into a mini game for a Tiny Taverns campaign I was running. 

And you're absolutely right. You can't hook a minnow! I'm shocked I didn't notice that before. I know the outcome of a 2d6 roll! Oh well, well call it a bonus fish that the GM can use however they like.