Beta v4

Based on the recent playtest, Blood & Milk as been edited. There are changes throughout the entire game. Here are the highlights.

In the Intro:

  • Setting text has been updated to be a bit more explicit about the  presence and nature of monstrous beings in the setting.
  • Game requirements now include d10s instead of d6s, to allow for smaller shifts to the stats. It also introduces tokens to track positive developments used in the Resolution phase

Session Zero:

  • Naming conventions replace the syllable library to align with those used in the setting text.
  • All of character generation and setting creation has been reorganized and updated to make it clearer and more focused.

Situation Creation:

  • Has not changed. I still need to figure this out.

Main-Game Sessions

  • A distinct Setup phase was added.
  • Investigation phase was renamed Exploration for clarity.
  • Dice resolution was reworked for a high stat and a low roll.
  • Die successes were replaced with influence for clarity.
  • In the Resolution phase, the math for the Target number was adjusted to make the game a bit more forgiving.

In general, I think the questions I had during this round of playtesting were less about what kind of story the game was trying to tell and more about what parts of the game were interfering with the game's goals. That's progress!


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Aug 27, 2019

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