Physical Boxed Set!

Rainbow World now has a special reward!

For $20, I will mail you a boxed set of the game, including everything you need to play (Except friends. Those are prohibitively expensive to ship). That's a color rulebook, a pen, a index cards, and candy, all stored in a plastic container that works as a candy bowl for the game.

I'm folding and assembling the booklets and packaging all the stuff by hand so quantities are limited. Think of it as a highly accessorized zine. But if it's popular, I'd be thrilled to make more!

Shipping is limited to the US. Sorry rest of the world, I'd love to send you my game but things get too complicated beyond my national boarder.

This is the first time one of my games has been available in a physical form so it's really exciting for me. Rainbow World is one of the games I'm most proud of and I've always thought it needed a boxed set.

Really, I'm just over-the-moon excited to be able to offer this!

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